Functional training by repetitions and intervals of metabolic exercises

In the Bootcamp classes, interval training is carried out in which the athlete works with his body weight, light weights and high repetitions.

It is a sport that can be carried out by both those already advanced in the world of sport and those who finish joining. The benefits it brings to the athlete are:

It promotes the burning of calories. Being a practice that is performed at high intensity, the metabolism is activated from the first moment.

Tones the muscles. The exercises that are done in Bootcamp are complex exercises that require the work of several muscles of the body at the same time. These exercises are the most complete since in addition to requiring more effort from the athlete, they are more beneficial.

Sports the athlete throughout the session. In District we don’t want boring classes! We like athletes to have a good time while working their body. Therefore, we take care of combining the exercises so that they are dynamic, the feeling of community is favored and the athletes enjoy during the whole training.